Courtney Cooper

Carpe the heck out of this Diem

Account Manager: I’m in charge of organizing, scheduling, and making sure our team stays on task and budget for our campaign. I’m the “mom” of the group. I make sure everything runs smoothly.

Surai DeJesus

Make it aesthetically pleasing.

Art Director: My job as an Art Director includes solving creative problems and making things pretty. I just happen to love using the word aesthetic a lot.

Kaylan Cemelli

Short & sweet.

Copywriter: The copywriter is not a legal position as some think, they are responsible for writing all of the copy in the advertisements, digital and traditional.

Alec Hurteau

Full of ideas so you better not get any.

Media Planner: My job is to research appropriate media platforms while identifying the audience our clients hope to reach. From there I am able to effectively plan and buy media spaces that will establish a recognizable brand presence among the desired audience.

Eric Marcus

re-Searching for the truth

Research & Analytics: My job is to help provide the team with an informed perspective on who to target and how to reach that target audience. All conclusions I arrive at must come from objective, data-based research.

Andy Painter

I'm Andy... not Jeff.

Strategy: Coming up with a path for the team to follow in an action oriented way.

Michele Popadich

Read. Write. Coffee. Repeat.

Content Developer: Aside from this blog being my baby, I am responsible for creating and managing social media content in line with the strategic marketing plan.


Lexi Hurt

 Always finding the wonderful in today

Account Manager: My job is to make sure our team is well organized. I am in charge of the schedule and keeping our team on task. I am responsible for building close relationships with our clients as well.