Tips & Tricks for the Logistics of Living

Being the only intern this summer who is not originally from St. Louis, as I have mentioned before, I had a unique problem after I accepted my internship with HLK: where to live?

The internship is only six weeks long and this poses some difficulties for finding affordable, furnished short-term rentals if you’re from out-of-town. If you’re lucky, maybe you have relatives or friends who would be happy to have you stay with them. If you’re like me, those aren’t options for you. So what you need to be is persistent, and I’m here to help you. 

In my search, I noticed a few things that helped me locate a place to live and I’m also going to share with you the things that I wish I’d known!

1.   Tap into groups that you may be able to network with.

I was able to find my temporary housing through my sorority by contacting the SLU chapter. I’m now living with two of my sisters from another school, so we had a connection right off the bat based on our college experiences in different places.

2.   Many student housing complexes on SLU or Wash U’s campuses can help.

They may keep a list of residents that are looking for summer subleasers and can help you get in contact with some of them. The Lindell Strip, on SLU’s campus, will also offer 6-month leases for a little extra rent.

3.   Negotiate, negotiate, negotiate. 

It’s not personal! When I set up my situation, I negotiated on price. It wasn’t awkward; my “landlord” knew my situation and that I was trying to keep my costs down. At the same time, I tried to be understanding of her situation as well and we eventually settled on a price that made us both happy.

Always remember to be careful on sites like Craigslist. There are some creeps out there, but most people do have good intentions. It may seem like a daunting task to find a place to live for such a short term on a small budget, but let me assure you that HLK is absolutely, one hundred percent worth it. Good luck, be safe, and happy hunting!