The 7 B's

Early on we realized that rules and regulations don’t fly around here. We are used to stuffy offices that have strict dress codes and firm lists of what you can and cannot do, but that's not how it is at HLK. You can crack a beer open at noon if you want, crawl around on the rooftop when Janice isn't looking and ride a trike around the agency, even if - especially if - a client is here. We have a lot of freedom at HLK (which we are thankful for), but as Eleanor Roosevelt once said, with great freedom comes great responsibility. A sense of obligation balances out the freedom. That’s why Mission Control presented us with the 7 glorious "B’s" to serve as guidelines as we continue our journey at HLK and, most importantly, in life. Here are the 7 B’s that Lauchpad lives by:

1. Be Informed

It’s as simple as being aware of what is going on around you. Never stop asking questions and always fuel your zest for learning. Don’t forget to keep up with relevant trends and stay up-to-date with events that are happening in your neck of the woods.

2. Be Passionate

Always put your heart into what you are doing and take pride in what you have created. If you don’t feel strongly about or even like what you are doing, it will show. Find a way to develop a connection to your project and you won’t have a hard time letting others know about all the fantastic work you are doing.

3. Be Decisive

This one may be hard because you will always be faced with an excess of possibilities, but take control of the situation, make a choice and then roll with it. Once you make a choice, you will find a million reasons to back up your decision and not even think twice about the other one.

4. Be Optimistic

No one likes a Negative Nancy, so do everything with a smile! A smile is contagious in a work place, so if you smile and stay positive you are likely to spread those good vibes to someone else.

5. Be Thoughtful

When you work with other people, it is important to be considerate of their feelings and opinions. You don’t want to burn any bridges, so go out of your way to be nice and appreciate what they bring to the team. A simple pat on the back or a thank you goes a long way.

6. Be Independent

Sometimes it's easy being sucked into the group-think and mob mentality, but be an individual! Know what you are capable of and what you bring to a team. Your suggestions and abilities could be the difference between a so-so idea and an award winning campaign!

7. Be Brave

Probably the most important B, don’t be afraid of new challenges and opportunities! No top dog or superstar got to where they are today by playing it safe, so take risks and embrace change. That’s the best advice we can give you coming into this internship.

As all of our intern shenanigans are coming to a close at HLK, we will always have the 7 B’s to guide us as we move on to our next big adventures in life.