Over & Out

Today is the last day of our internship and our final day as Team Nebula, so we collaborated and wrote this signing-off post together. The past six weeks have flown by (every one of us suggested for the internship to be longer in our exit interviews). Where do we even begin to sum up our experience here?

Our time at HLK has taught us some incredible lessons and it would be impossible to list all of them here.  We got to work on real client projects, discovered new tools and strategies we never knew existed, sat in on client meetings, delivered pitches, and experienced the behind-the-scenes of production. We not only learned a lot and got a chance to flex our creative muscles, but we also made some new friends and gained mentors that we'll keep in touch with for the rest of our careers. As a team, the Launchpad crew has bonded and grown more than any of us ever expected. When accepting an internship position to work with a team of five other interns, you never know who you might be expected to work closely with. We all lucked out because we instantly meshed and hit it off. The best part is, we have learned so much from one another in addition to everyone here at HLK.  

We got an opportunity to work for one of the top companies in St. Louis. The culture, compassion and pride that the HLK employees have instilled in us in our time here is something that will resonate with us for the rest of our lives and we're all so thankful to have spent six short weeks here.

Team Launchpad, over and out.

We also found the official Launchpad & HLK stamps...