Meet the 2015 Cycle 1 Interns

Our Cycle 1 interns start on May 18th. We’re pretty pumped.

Account Manager: Michelle Doering

Favorite Food: Macaroni and cheese, hands down.

Why HLK? I’ve known about HLK for a couple years now, and after speaking with a few employees I knew it was an agency I could see myself working at. I really appreciate the company culture and dedication of the employees.

Favorite Animal: I’m a huge animal lover but I’d have to say dogs are my favorite.

Role Model: It may sound cheesy but my role model is my mom. She’s very passionate about “networking” for everyone she knows and truly puts others first. I admire her greatly for her generosity.

Dream Superpower: If I could have a superpower it would be to make anything I want appear. I think it would come in handy.

Michelle on LinkedIn

Strategist: Benton Eskelsen

Favorite Food: BBQ Ribs

Why HLK? I applied to HLK because I have friends and family who currently work their and they spoke very highly of the agency and I also really was impressed with their work while I was researching internships.

Favorite Animal: Gorillas

Role Model: Walter Payton

Dream Superpower: I would want to be able to read minds.

 Benton on LinkedIn

Copywriter: Sean Prindiville

Favorite Food: Fried Chicken

Why HLK? Launchpad was interesting to me because of my positive and formative experience during a practicum at HLK in 2014. I really felt comfortable but also challenged in the environment, so the prospect of expanding on that was exciting to me.

Favorite Animal: I do love African Geese. This was hard, because I'm definitely an animal person.

Role Model: One of my chief inspirations is Cheryl Cole.

Dream Superpower: My superpower of choice would be the ability to make plants grow at will. You know, a Poison Ivy kind of thing.

 Sean on LinkedIn

Art Director: Timothy Hykes

Favorite Food: So I am a big fan of St. Louis style Chinese food (or as I like to call them rice houses), sherbet ice cream and tacos!

Why HLK? Will let me first state that I didn't know of HLK. I was introduced to the company by Rob [Hutti, Art Director at HLK] who attended the AIGA student conference as a mentor. There he gave me some really valuable feedback on my portfolio and suggested that I apply for the internship. After researching the company and talking with a few individuals in the field I decided to give it a shot. What do you know I made it! Oh my God I am so excited!

Favorite Animal: Lion

Dream Superpower: The superpower I would choose is flying. Flying would give me the opportunity to fly to many different destinations. Being in these destinations will create new and invaluable experiences for me.

 Timothy on LinkedIn

Content Developer: Rebecca Grandidier

Favorite Food: My favorite food is sushi. Or all the food. Really though, I'm not joking.

Why HLK? I applied to this internship because it seemed as if I would learn an extreme amount of information that will help me in my future endeavors. It seems like an amazing place to work with wonderful people to work with.

Favorite Animal: My favorite animal is a shark. It always has been. Well, besides my dog Luke my favorite animal is a shark. The goal is to one day swim with them like some of the people on Shark Week get to do.

Role Model: My role model would have to be a friend of mine from back home. She has set out to be the best she can be at what she is doing and she is achieving it and more in such a short amount of time. Before you know it she will be the CEO of Target. I guarantee it.

Dream Superpower: If I could have one superpower, it would be to hear dogs talk so that I could always know what is going on in my dog Luke's head when he decides to whine at me for no reason or if he is ever sick or hurt I would be able to know exactly what's going on.

Rebecca on LinkedIn

Media Planner: Laura Harvey

Favorite Food: CHEESE- any kind, I love it all. 

Why HLK? I really wanted the chance to be part of a team and learn a lot this summer!

Favorite Animal: I’m pretty obsessed with my own dog because she is a sass master.

Role Model: I really look up to my high school advisor because she taught me so much about life-long learning. She inspires me every day to expand my world view by reading and writing as much as possible.

Dream Superpower: I would love to be able to time travel so that I could meet all the authors and thinkers that I admire. And I would want to pop over to Paris in the 1920s.

Laura on LinkedIn