To Infinity and Beyond

Months after finding out we were accepted into the HLK Launchpad program, July 6th couldn’t come soon enough. Together, the eight of us were chosen out of hundreds of applicants.  We couldn’t believe that we were given this opportunity.

We came from all over the U.S., each bringing our own knowledge, experiences and backgrounds. At first, we were nervous. We didn’t know each other, but somehow became comfortable within one day of meeting. Some groups just click. Luckily, we’re one of them.

Our first assignment was to name our team. We brainstormed, and brainstormed, and one thing stood out: we loved the space theme. So, after lots of options ranging from Sirius to Comet, we finally landed on “Ad Infinitum.”

Not only was the name appropriately space themed, but it also spoke to us as individuals. Its literal definition is “continue forever, without limit.” As college students or recent grads, we’re just launching our professional careers. But, as our group name suggests, our adventure has only just begun.

We’ll continue forever, without limit; that’s the idea. So with this concept in mind, the eight of us came together and formed a team with a focus on our future. While we work toward our goals and focus on our dreams, we’ll always remember to do it without limits by going above and beyond. 

Our logo reflects this concept. During our creative process, we loved the idea of combining a spaceship with a circular shape, representing a journey that never comes to an end.


Months from now, we’ll find out just how limitless we are.

We hope you enjoy reading about these next six weeks as much as we enjoy informing you about our highs, lows, and everything in-between. It’ll be a wild ride, but that’s why you’ll enjoy reading about it. So stay tuned, because you never know what’ll happen next.