How Summer Camp Helps Transition Into Agency Life

I, like many college students, worked at a kids summer camp. Being a camp counselor has actually been directly applicable to my experience as an intern. Here’s how:

1.      Be Yourself. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. Whether that’s singing crazy camp songs or coming up with an out there advertising concept, you need to be true to yourself. Defend your ideas and, as people in HLK always say, “Be brave.”

2.     Learn How to Manage.  Whether that’s managing fun activities for over 100 kids to managing timelines with your team, learn how to coordinate effectively. By doing this you can deliver an outstanding kids talent show or a brilliant campaign pitch. 

3.     Always Be Prepared.  Everyday is a new day and you never know what to expect.  Whether a kid falls off the monkey bars or someone needs your help finishing a project that is due that day, always be prepared for anything. Tip: Bring your gear. Camp: Med kit, water bottle, and walkie talkie. HLK: Mac, pencil, and notebook.

4.   Use Your Imagination.  This should be a no brainer.  Keeping kids entertained for eight hours a day takes a lot of imagination - let’s color, let’s play soccer, let’s go on a nature hike. You constantly have to come up with new ways to keep them entertained. Agency life is no different. You’re given a creative brief and challenged to find the appropriate research and to strategize accordingly to create a campaign in line with your client’s needs. Use your imagination! The sky’s the limit.  

5.     Be Positive.  A great attitude in any work environment goes a long way.  Whether that’s smiling even though it’s raining at camp or dealing with a stressful situation in the middle of creating a campaign, always have your game face on. Hint: Your game face is a smile (teeth shown).  So, ask if you can help with anything. Go the extra mile. Stand out.