Meet the Adstronauts

The Interns are here! The Interns are here!

In case you haven't met us yet, we are the ones who are dressed a little too nice and traveling in packs around the office. Feel free to poke your head in our sauna, I mean room, and say hi! We don't bite. Well, except Kyle. We are working on that. Oh and on a side note, if you see us wandering aimlessly around your floor and think we might be lost, we are. Please help.

You can call us interns, minions or whatever you like really. We refer to ourselves as the Adstronauts. You may be thinking that's too punny. It's not. We could have been the Unidentified Flying Interns (my personal favorite).

Without further ado, I am honored to present the Launchpad Interns for this session. We are taking one small step for ads and one giant leap for adkind. (Told you we like puns).