Meet Dauntless

The time has come for a little something different in Launchpad. If you’re familiar with the Launchpad program or with this blog (or if you’re about to get your stalk on), you will notice a sort of “outer space” theme when it comes to past team names. Since coming up with a name was our first task as a team, we referenced past names and were stumped. We were desperate to come up with something clever but original that tied outer space and HLK together. Eventually we asked the natural question, “Hey, so do we need to stick with the space theme...or…?” Our advisor laughed and told us not to worry. She wasn’t sure why it has always been space related.

So, we are Dauntless. Dauntless is an under-appreciated adjective that might seem foreign if you have never heard of the Divergent series. It means “to show fearlessness and determination.” Some synonyms include: brave, courageous, and spirited. Maybe you’re thinking, “Hmm, that is quite a bold word to describe a group of interns who are still getting to know each other,” but isn’t that what this experience is all about? HLK aligns everything they do with their core values: Be Curious, Be Thoughtful, and especially, Be Brave. So, our game plan is to utilize those values in everything we do. We hope to combine our diverse backgrounds and unique perspectives to create something incredible over the next six weeks.

If you see us around, feel free to reach out and say hi! Statistically, you’ll probably run into one of us girls; this session has six gals and one guy, George. Contrary to first impressions , we are indeed talkative and outgoing. Our first few days were spent trying to soak in all that is HLK and wrap our minds around what exactly each of our jobs entails. After multiple orientation-type meetings and a few pep talks, we’re all pretty pumped to get going on our projects. Without further Dauntless!