The Interns: Pilot

On the first episode of The Interns, we see Planet X take on their first challenge: the practice pitch. We see their nerves set in as they present their ideas for the first time. Watch to see Jess and Wes reflect on their experience and thoughts on lunch food.

Next week on The Interns, you can expect to find them presenting their final pitch.

Post episode update: After hours of contemplation, Jessica made the decision of a lifetime and got pizza for lunch.

Post episode update: After hours of contemplation, Jessica made the decision of a lifetime and got pizza for lunch.

Continue scrolling to read reflections from the rest of the cast regarding the practice pitch and the measures they took to take on this challenge.


Going into the pitch, I was really nervous.  I’ve had a lot of experience public speaking, but I still get nervous every time!  I felt like the pitch went way better than I expected. Everyone seemed to be pretty confident on what they were talking about.  The mentors really understood that we were in a time crunch and provided really good insight on how to improve our project. I’m really excited to make revisions so that this project is perfect when we present it to the whole company!


How did I feel about the pitch? Well, this morning on my commute I plugged in my motivational tracks and arrived ready to roll. I was excited to pitch to the mentors and to hear their feedback since I knew that we had accomplished quality work. Each member’s unique skills got to be championed in the pitch today, even with much room to improve. We need to better bridge the gaps between positions so that we show how creative, strategy, and media flow together. The mentors are the real deal and they provided constructive feedback. They’re kinda like the secret ninjas of the advertising world: agile, united and excellent. We all took some serious notes for ways to improve and to better show the value of our work. I’m excited to help take this team to the ship with the best compadres out there.


Given the short time frame we were given to put together a practice pitch, I was pleasantly surprised our presentation. My nerves kicked in when everyone started entering the media room to observe our pitch, but I was relieved when it was over. I am so proud of how confident my team was in the information we have been working on the past week. The feedback we received will be crucial as we make the edits for our final presentation. It will be fun to see where the next week takes us as we continue to collaborate on this project.


Going into the practice pitch I was very nervous. Public speaking is already very stressful for me personally and having to present rough ideas to a room of experienced advertising professionals can be a bit nerve-wracking. I kept thinking that our mentors would begin heckling us at any moment. Fortunately, that wasn’t the case and not one tomato was thrown.

Overall, I was pleased with how the practice pitch went. We came away with a lot of really strong advice and critiques from our mentors. They were also very positive in response to what we had so far, so at least we know that we are on the right track.

The feedback that we received was immensely helpful in providing more clarity and context in regard to what is expected as well as giving us things to improve and make stronger.


I was a little nervous this morning about the practice pitch because there was so much information we had gather about the project and still so much more information we needed to find. However, once the pitch began things seemed flowed pretty well. The feedback we received was very helpful and now we’re ready to roll. I’ve really enjoyed my time with HLK and my fellow interns and can’t wait for the next few weeks!


Going into the practice pitch I was a little overwhelmed but very excited to present to our mentors and to get their feedback. Overall, I think the practice pitch went decently well. We received a lot of great feedback and now have a clearer vision moving forward for our final pitch. I’m eager to get working on the pitch again and to use their feedback to improve and strengthen our pitch.