two weeks down.

The team has been quite busy these past two weeks. We’ve build a great relationship - as a squad and as coworkers. I can’t tell you exactly what we’ve been working on… but trust me, it’s cool. It’s really cool to see the team rise to their strengths in each position. To be honest, I had no idea what copywriting really meant until Launchpad (think: court stenographer). There is a lot of learning and working hard - all in the company of some super cute dogs. It’s been said a lot by the previous Launchpad teams, but let me say it again, free coffee. There is simply nothing better. Our first week here consisted of trying each of the snacks on deck - it was a tough week. I mean, veggie straws or veggie chips? I have never been so torn… Let it be said that the Launchpad internship is much different than the regular internship - you really get to put in the work, and it is a bit scary at first. Along with the snack eating, our first week included a lot of learning what our roles and goals were. It’s very exciting to create work that could actually be used for a campaign. Exciting is an understatement. It’s like a college group project, but for real. Cool, right? The second week here we continued to hit the ground running with less brainstorm and working to create for our showcase during the pitch in week three.

Until next time, Jenna.