STL Insider's Guide for Every Mood

Forbes says St. Louis is one of the best cities for job-seeking college graduates, and we couldn’t agree more. However, we agree for more reasons than just the affordable cost of living and high workplace happiness.

Outsiders are well aware that St. Louis is great because of its rich traditions, such as Cardinals Baseball, Mardi Gras celebrations and great thin crust pizza. Molly, from Cycle 1, touched on some of those classic places that make St. Louis, well, St. Louis-y. While those staples are important, they only skim the surface of what the city has to offer. There are many hidden gems within the city and the surrounding areas that make it special. There is something for every mood and personality. So, here’s the insider's perspective of suggestions, depending on your mood.

Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard, Chippewa Street

Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard, Chippewa Street

Sweet Tooth who doesn’t like a little sugar rush after work?

Bailey’s Chocolate Bar

Ted Drewe’s Frozen Custard

Tropical Moose Snow Cones



Gamlin Whiskey House, Central West End

Gamlin Whiskey House, Central West End

Night Out On The Town because sometimes happy hour lasts until close.

Gamlin Whiskey House

Sub Zero Vodka Bar

The Dubliner



City Museum on 16th off Washington Avenue

City Museum on 16th off Washington Avenue

Feel Like a Kid Again let’s face it, kids have it pretty good.

Venice Cafe

City Museum




Soulard Farmer's Market in Soulard

Soulard Farmer's Market in Soulard

Switch Things Up great places to try when you’re craving a little culture.

Anthonino's Taverna

Seamus McDaniel’s

Soulard Farmer’s Market



Grafton, Illinois winery

Grafton, Illinois winery

Day to Explore  because sometimes you get stir-crazy after being in the office for hours.

Katy Trail

Grafton wine countries

Forest Park



St. Louis has more to offer than what first meets the eye. Of course, it’s a place where you can enjoy the city classics without breaking the bank, but it’s also more dynamic than most know. After you visit a few of the places we’ve mentioned, it's easy to understand. It’s urban. It’s scenic. It’s diverse. St. Louis isn’t a place where you have to choose what you want, because you get a little bit of everything and then some.

All Systems Go

After getting cleared for takeoff, Launchpad’s second cycle is off the ground! Although the first week consisted mostly of meetings and copious amounts of coffee, Team Quasar is off to a strong start. We were able to learn a bit about the dynamics of each department here at HLK, pick the brains of our mentors and view some past work before being assigned our first client brief. We learned about everything from time management to industry lingo, as well as a bit about our mentors themselves.

The great thing about the Launchpad Internship is that our mentors are different each session, demonstrating the depth of knowledge and skills that each employee exhibits here at HLK.

Since last cycle has already acquainted you with the dogs of the office, we thought it was time we introduced you to their owners. You know, a few of the people that actually make things happen around here.

Without further ado, we present you with this session’s Mission Control.

Cecilia, Account Management Mentor for Stephanie

• With 14+ years of marketing & advertising experience, Cecilia is proof that positions are earned through dedication to client relationships and long hours, not just something your entitled to upon graduation.

• As a liaison between client and agency, it is important to be able to defend the agency’s work. Have a rationale. Have answers for the client.

• A "retainer" is a word that refers to a client that pays on a regular basis rather than a project basis.

Ross, Art Direction Mentor for Justin


• When told that ‘your brief is showing’ it means that your creative execution is literally a repetition of your strategy: this is a big no-no.

• As an Associate Creative Director, he claims that the most rewarding aspect of his job is being pleasantly surprised by creative ideas from his team even more than seeing his own work come alive.

• Ross is actually his middle name. He walks exceptionally fast. He's a Webster University alumnus and also has experience with the Webster University account.

Jamie, Content Development Mentor for Lauren

• If you ask her a question, don't expect an answer because she will probably answer by asking you a question.

• She believes the content team could benefit from organization similar to the workings of a newsroom.

• She’s done almost everything. Before taking a content role, she worked in account management. She also has experience with strategy, media planning and buying, research, analytics… the list goes on.

Patrick, Strategy Mentor for Jenny

• Patrick seems to know when he has shifted too far off-topic and will stop mid-sentence and say “..but that's a story for another time..”

• The most important consideration for a strategist? Stay objective.

• Claims the 80/20 rule inspired by Pareto's Principle is a great time management philosophy, but that's a story for another time.

Andrea, Research & Analytics Mentor for Emily

• Targeting philosophy is to find the BEST people at the CHEAPEST cost.

• The transparency that an analytics dashboard provides is often scary to the client.

• She stresses the importance of the ability to work with a wide variety of personalities, not taking anything too personally and listening well, all of which are vital for success in this business.


Jill, Media Buying & Placement Mentor for all

• She's very sad that HLK does not currently have a media intern, but she gets all of us instead!

• Media people really do get to meet cool people sometimes (Jimmy Fallon, for example.)

• Claims the job has truly strengthened her negotiating skills in her personal life.


Maeve, Copywriting Mentor for Nick

Sadly, we did not get to have a one-on-one meet with Maeve, but here are some things we’ve gathered:

• Maeve is a master of voice, both the literary and literal kinds. When she read the HLK philosophy aloud during orientation, all of the interns were moved.

• She’s a part of the HLK volleyball team that plays on Monday nights at Trueman’s.

• Her dog, Murphy, is the only one that has had the courage to approach the Launchpad Intern Room, which is perhaps the official approval we needed.

If there’s one thing that we have learned from our orientation at HLK, it’s that everyone here is incredibly welcoming and more than willing to give each of the interns the best learning experience possible.

Besides a job, what more could one ask for?