Today the interns helped pick up and distribute Gus' Pretzels to surprise the staff with a tasty treat after an especially demanding work week. For some in the office, hours have been long and stress levels have been high, but hopefully a free pretzel lifted their spirits. 

The interns love to ride the office trike around whenever we can find an excuse to and today was, of course, a perfect opportunity to load up the trike basket with fresh-baked pretzels, cold soda and beer and parade around the office like a street vendor. Yes, our office has a trike and gives out free pretzels (and it's not even Friday!). I'm always noticing that the work environment here is too good to be true, but not just because of the fun atmosphere. Everyone here is just so... nice. 

It is impressive to see that the higher-ups at HLK really know the importance of showing their appreciation and gratitude for their hard-working employees. From day one, I have seen that people here understand and preach the value of mutual respect. Our first few days here were spent learning about each department of the agency and the work and responsibilities those team members tackle every day. It was a way of instilling appreciation for each department and recognizing that the agency couldn't function the same way without their role.

At HLK, there are frequently simple gestures and planned events that keep morale up, stress low and creativity blooming. Whether it is a staff luncheon, a surprise party for a coworker's 25th work anniversary, or even just an unexpected pretzel, there always seems to be something going on that makes people smile and lets them know they're appreciated.

Advertising is a demanding industry where clients expect the best work under tight deadlines, working overtime is anything but uncommon, and there is a constant pressure to break through the barriers to the next big idea. The culture at HLK eases the challenge. The gratitude that is constantly expressed in this office and the welcoming, pleasant culture are just a couple of reasons why HLK is a wonderful place to work.