So You Want to be a Launchpad Intern? Part 3: Account Manager

With every project we produce at HLK, you had better believe that there is someone working behind the scenes to communicate with the client, manage timelines and track progress – and that’s where our account managers come in!

Account managers are highly detail-oriented, organized and effective communicators. It takes just the right kind of person to stay on top of a lot of projects and to manage time well, and if those are strengths you see in yourself, then the account management internship at HLK might be for you.

Toni Edinger, Senior Account Manager here at HLK, works with clients such as the St. Louis Cardinals and Monsanto. She’s also one of the account management intern mentors, and (luckily for you, future account manager) is happy to give advice on how to get noticed! 

Toni Edinger, Senior Account Manager

Toni Edinger, Senior Account Manager

First of all, Toni’s number one rule is that your resume and cover letter have absolutely no typos or mistakes. This rule comes up a lot, and for good reason. Arguably the most important quality that an account manager can have is an eye for small details. They communicate directly with clients on a daily basis, and making sure we present our best work is of the utmost importance.

Toni will frequently check LinkedIn profiles as well, so it’s always best to have yours totally up to date. A nice professional picture and clear organization of information can go a long way. Since you’re entry level, don’t worry if you don’t have a ton of experience – try and show how the experience you do have can translate over to an account management internship.

On that note, a cover letter is a great place to tailor your experience to the position you’re applying for as well. How have your experiences shaped you into who you are, and why does that make you qualified?

You don’t necessarily need to be an advertising or communications major in college in order to be an account manager. If you’ve studied business, marketing, journalism, psychology or sociology and are a big people person, you can definitely excel in an account management internship. (Not to mention that working at HLK is really fun – just check out the #hlktoday section of our website if you need proof.)