So You Want to be a Launchpad Intern? Part 4: Strategist

Right about now, you may be asking yourself, “What is a strategist?” It can be kind of a difficult thing to define, to be honest – but it can also be an extremely rewarding position, so if you’re not afraid of a challenge, read on.

Erin Knitter, Director of Strategy

Erin Knitter, Director of Strategy

Strategists help clients identify business objectives (examples may be higher sales or more visits to the website) and figure out how to solve problems using strategic communication. Still a little confused? In a nutshell, strategists engage in the whole process of advertising and make sure that everything we do is on target to solve our clients’ problems. They are always up to date on the latest technology, like to read up on industry news, and love to collaborate with many different departments.

But what makes a good strategy intern? Our Director of Strategy, Erin Knitter, is here to tell you how to make the cut for a challenging position.

When it comes to cover letters…

  •  …show that you’re a problem solver and that you can be resourceful. If we had all the answers right off the bat, we wouldn’t need strategists; showing that you can use information at your disposal to gain insight into how to solve a problem will make you a good fit.
  • …try to get something across that you couldn’t in your resume. Don’t just list off your experience and accomplishments again. You are more than just bullet points on a resume, and you should show that you can think strategically.
  • …show that you are teachable. Since strategy is a developing field within the advertising industry, it is more than likely that as a student or new grad you won’t have direct experience. Show that you’re smart and that you’re willing to learn.

When it comes to resumes...

  • …keep it concise. One page only please, and make sure the organization is clearly organized. You don’t need to have a fancy design; since part of what strategists do is think about user experience, a visually clear resume can speak to that strength.
  • …make sure that your resume matches your LinkedIn profile, although you can expand on some of the information on LinkedIn. When Erin sees a resume she likes, she’ll often check LinkedIn looking for more information on your experience.
  • …get some LinkedIn reviews, if you can. Having someone speak to how great you are is always good, though not a deal breaker if you don’t have any.
  • …post any projects you’ve worked on that show you can think strategically. Since many different experiences can translate over to an internship in strategy, showing the types of work and thinking you’ve done can prove your stellar strategic abilities.

Strategy is a very challenging, yet integral role in the advertising process; it influences everything we do. It helps us bridge the gap between a good campaign and a great one, which is what we at HLK strive to do for every one of our clients.

If you’ve done a lot of writing, enjoy solving problems and are infatuated with technology and user experience, then you can gain a lot from a strategy internship, no matter your college major.