Where Are They Now? Nebula

We caught up with the Launchpad interns from this past summer to see what everyone is up to! Our interns go on to do some great things and we are so happy to share their achievements. 


Lindsay Wolfgang

Lindsay lives in St. Charles, MO, and works in Employer Relations in the Career Center at Lindenwood University. She is also working on her MBA in Marketing. Her favorite thing about her current position is sharing in the excitement of students as they make the transition to post-grad life.

“I learned a lot at HLK that I have taken over to my new job. Teamwork is something that I had to learn when working with five other interns and is something I value.”


Miranda Lopez

Miranda is currently living in St. Louis, MO, and working full time as an Assistant Account Coordinator at Mortgage Returns. She loves being the “grease between the wheels” and learning about every department. The communication and teamwork skills she learned during Launchpad’s account management internship help her work effectively with clients and deliver projects on time.

“Launchpad was a big part in me landing this job because my experience was a perfect fit for them.”


Liza Poskin

Liza is living in Columbia, MO, while she finishes up her senior year at the University of Missouri. She hopes to pursue a career in public relations after graduation, and credits her experience with Launchpad as having a significant impact on her ability to give effective presentations.

“My time at Launchpad was such a great experience and taught me so many things about advertising and working at an agency that I will carry on to the next stage of my professional career.”


Phil Azar

Phil lives in St. Louis, MO, and is a Market Research Analyst at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. He communicates demographic data to potential advertisers and helps them figure out how to best reach their target markets using some of the problem solving skills he picked up during his time as a strategy intern in the Launchpad program.

“My experience in Launchpad allows me to understand the brand and agency's perspective in the conversation, so I can work more thoughtfully and thoroughly.”


Molly Gingrich

Molly showed up at HLK in May 2014 and never left. She currently works as the agency’s Proofreader/Quality Assurance Specialist and frequently updates the Launchpad blog.


Justin Tolliver

Justin Tolliver has been freelancing for HLK over the past few months and will be joining us full time on December 1st! He’ll be shooting videos and designing content for websites and social spaces. We are thrilled that he likes us enough to stick around at our St. Louis office. 


Stay tuned to read about what Team Quasar is doing these days!