So You Want to be a Launchpad Intern? Part 5: Introducing the Media Intern!

Ladies and gents, this day will go down in Launchpad history because we are oh-so-excited to announce our new addition: the media internship.

This internship may be for you if…

·      You are a huge people person and love cultivating and maintaining good business relationships.

·      You want to work in a creative environment but aren’t a designer or a writer.

·      You love TV and radio and chatter incessantly about media.

The Launchpad media intern will learn about solving problems for clients within their media budgets. You’ll learn to be a problem solver and approach any situation with a can-do attitude.

Jill Gainer, Media Director

Jill Gainer, Media Director

The best way to capture the attention of Jill Gainer, our Media Director, is to express your interest in learning via your resume and cover letter. Many different backgrounds can make for a good fit in media buying and planning, so don’t count yourself out if you don’t immediately think this is for you; the most important aspect of being a good media intern is enjoying working with people and having a great attitude.