A Midway Check-In

I think I might be having a mid-program crisis. It’s like I blinked my eyes and

we’re over halfway through our internship. That’s insane, because it feels like we just started! Since time is slipping away, I want to offer a recap of our Dauntless adventure so far.

First, I would like to point out how awesome our schedule is. The internship is 25 hours per week, so we work full days Monday-Thursday. That’s right. An extraordinary internship with only a four-day work week. Each day differs depending on how we need to get our work done. Maybe you need a change of scenery after a particularly intensive brain-wracking session, so you work from home for a few hours. Maybe you’re on a roll whipping out designs, so you stay late. Maybe you want to work through lunch so you can meet with your mentor after, your brain teeming with fresh ideas. You’ve been given the gift of flexibility: use it, don’t abuse it. It’s all about keeping focused and working diligently.

Last Thursday, we pitched some great ideas about our first client project. HLK is pretty liberating when it comes to kicking off the training wheels and letting us be creative and think big.

We came into this internship thinking:

But now, we’re confident! We all have our own facet of each project that is ours to master. This involves: strategy, media buying, research into our target audience, creative work, copywriting, and an account manager to keep us all in check. Each person has to work hand and hand with different team members, keeping constant communication.

Up next, we’ll team up to work on client project numero dos. This client may be more difficult than our first, as we don’t know as much about them, but this intern train isn’t slowing down anytime soon.

With that, I want to close this with an unrepentantly cheesy thought. Some haters and losers may say “magic doesn’t exist.” But whenever you create something from scratch, that’s pretty magical.