Interns Go Hard

If you saw us walking down the street, you would absolutely do a double take. Not only would our beauty overwhelm you, but also, we would confuse you. Six drop-dead gorgeous women and one glorious George. George is a species all his own. We love him, and yet, we do not fully understand him. We are still studying his quirks. Don’t fret; when we have some solid evidentiary support we’ll send out a mass email.

Agency life, we’ve discovered, is work hard, play harder. We embraced this outlook last week by going to sushi. ALL YOU CAN EAT SUSHI. In theory this is an excellent idea and we, hungry Americans, salute the inventor. But let me tell you, when you’re one plate of salad and eight gyoza from the hot bar down and have two rolls coming, all-you-can-eat sushi starts to get a little daunting. Our George, having little to no sushi experience, ordered a few too many rolls and way too much sashimi. In fairness, he asked me to look over his order, but I can’t take on that kind of responsibility I don’t know his life! Very long and painful story short, George showed us he is a fighter, a real determined pup. He finished every bit of sushi and  swore off eating for three days. After a grueling stuff-your-face lunch, a few dress shirt buttons popped off and we all waddled back to our home away from home.

HLK, our six-week home, is awesome, but here a couple things you need to know while you’re playing hard here.

1)    When you go out for all you can eat sushi, ask Janice for a key card to get back in the building. Or don’t. I don’t run your life. However, if you’d like to avoid standing outside the building like a little pack of doofuses, ask Janice for the key card.

2)    Speaking of Janice, she is quite the office sweetheart. I don’t want to say she’s the sweetest woman here, but…I’ll let you infer.

3)    All you can eat sushi is always a good idea. Just don’t pull a George.

4)     Bring your dog. Dogs make everyone happy. And happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’—wait sorry, six girls in one room does strange things to a person. #LegallyBringYourDog

5)    Wait for a hot second after your first pitch. Chances are someone will bring you beer to celebrate. Embrace every second. Work hard, play harder, and enjoy the ride.