So long Launchpad, thanks for a fun ride.

Our time at launchpad this summer has come to an end (I’m not crying, you’re crying.) For our send off this week, the interns reflected on their time here at launchpad. They answered the following questions:

  • What is the biggest thing you’ve learned in launchpad?

  • Advice for future launchpaders? 

  • Next steps following launchpad?

  • What has been your favorite beginning of the day pump up song and why? (Each day one of the interns chose a song to play for the group.)

  • Best memory of Launchpad?

Olivia - Account Director

The biggest thing I’ve learned in launchpad is how to work with others and work under a time crunch! Since we’re all in this room, it’s been important to work with each other so that we succeed. We’ve felt a big time crunch throughout the entire internship but it’s been great! I’ve learned how to work in a fast paced environment and I’m really grateful that I experienced this in an agency setting. My advice for future launchpaders is to keep an open mind with anything. You will learn from everyone you work with and some creative ideas are super out there but those are also the most enjoyable. My next step following launchpad is going to college for my last year in Ohio at Denison University!

I’d have to say my favorite pump up song was Natalie’s “Hawaiian Roller Coaster Ride”. It was awesome because it was the end of the day and we were all jamming - ever since then we’ve played a song every morning! The best memory of Launchpad was easily our first final pitch. We all felt great with the work that we had created, and it was such an amazing feeling when we presented in front of employees from the agency and received amazing feedback.

Natalie - Content Strategist

These six weeks really flew by. I think the biggest thing I’ve learned in launchpad is how much strategy needs to go behind campaigns. The “why” behind everything is so important. That initial research and strategy set up is essential for having good creative and content. My advice for future launchpaders would be make sure you are ready to work. This internship is unlike any other I have had, and the fast-paced environment really allows you to challenge yourself. The work you are doing is for real clients, and the experience you gain will be invaluable. 

This fall I will be continuing my education at Mizzou taking strategic communication classes in the journalism school. In the spring, I will most likely be studying abroad in Barcelona, Spain. Next summer, I would love to do another internship somewhere in a different city like San Diego, San Francisco, or Austin. My favorite beginning of the day pump up song would probably be one that I chose. Hawaiian Rollercoaster ride from Lilo and Stitch was a great song to start the day with because it makes you feel like you are on vacation and brings you the good vibes you need to start your day. 

My best memory from launchpad would probably be going shopping with Olivia, Conner, and Tony at the container store and Pier-1. Also, another favorite memory is when Conner beatboxed and Tony and I rapped part of our presentation for fun for our mentors. I’ve loved getting to know the other interns, and I know I’ll stay in touch with them after this internship. 

Lastly, I also loved getting to know my mentor Sarah and learn so much from her! She has been so helpful and such a good confidant. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Here at HLK there are so many friendly and talented workers. It’s been a pleasure getting to know the people who work here and our mentors. 

So long Launchpad, thanks for a fun ride.

Tony Harper - Art Director

The biggest thing that I have learned from my time here at HLK is how to manage my time wisely and meet very short deadlines. This project and six weeks moved so fast, learning how to manage my time to meet the strict deadlines taught me a lot about my work ethic and how to better, quicker and more reliable for the rest of my team. My advice for future launchpaders would be to just have fun with the projects. Many times my team was caught up in the logistics and deadline of the campaigns, causing us to lose sight of what we were really here for and learning on a daily basis.

At the beginning of each day, courtesy of John, we start with a pump up song. Thus far, my favorite song to start the day has been Goodie Bag which was featured on the very last day of our internship. My absolute favorite part of this internship was the little moments each week where everyone broke out into complete laughter. We all really meshed as a group, and I will not only take away career experiences from this but 5 new friends.

Conner Mayheu - Media Strategist

The biggest thing I have learned in launchpad was how to work well with others as well as learning about all the different components of media. Learning how to reach people in the media space was so entertaining and learning from vendors on how the media landscape is changing daily. The advice I would give to future interns is to just have fun. You are going to learn so much in this internship and take the time to learn as much as you can while having fun with the people around you. It is going to be stressful and there will be challenging times but it is easy to work through it and put forward a product that you are proud of. My next step is to go back to school to finish up my masters in public relations and advertising. I am excited to go back down south for one last year with my friends and then going on the job hunt for my future. 

John’s pump up song “It’s going to be a good day” before the first pitch was my favorite pump up song. I had not heard the song in so long and it put me in the best mood going into the presentation, and we ultimately killed that whole presentation. My favorite memory was the daily banter with John and Tony as I think of them as close friends now. Every day I would send them puns and they would give me so much flack for it, and I love that they would laugh or just stare at me. Using puns was my way of showing my personality, and it was fun getting to know all of my colleagues. 

John - Copywriter

The biggest thing I’ve learned is not to get too attached to what you write, because you’ll rewrite it 6,213 times. My advice to future Launchpaders is to learn as much as you can from your mentors. They’re all incredibly talented and knowledgeable. Also, network as much as you can. Currently I’m freelancing at HLK for another week or so, then we’ll see where the winds of copy take me. 

My favorite morning pump-up song was First Date by Blink-182. My favorite Launchpad memory is all the laughing. I know, It sounds corny. But when you’re trapped in the intern fishbowl all day you get pretty slap-happy.

Jenna - Brand Planner

The biggest thing I’ve learned is working with a very diverse group of people. We are all so different (in the best way) and it’s really great to see our ideas come together as a group. I definitely advise that future launchpaders get ready to work hard and eat a lot of snacks. I’ve really enjoyed my time at HLK and I hope to be back soon. I have 6 weeks left of summer so I am taking an anthropology class before I head back to school at the University of Oregon in Eugene, OR. 

My favorite was when we listened to Lil Nas X. It  wasn’t the pump up song of the day but it was really funny to dance midday to Old Town Road. I wonder what the people walking by think when they see us jamming out at 9am. My favorite memory was going to Crazy Bowls and Wraps our second week. It was really great to take a step back from the office and get to know each other more.